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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring our own wine and beer when we rent the event space?

 You may bring only wine and beer. You will also have to provide a certificate of insurance for liquor liability. Policies may be obtained through your homeowners or business insurance agent. 

Can we hire your bar service for our event?

Yes, you can hire a bartender. There will be a flat fee to hire the bartender and the drinks served will be limited to the items that the Liberty Public House serves.

Do you provide flatware and dishes?

No. We don't provide any serving items or glassware. It is up to the party renting the facility to provide glassware, flatware and serving ware.

Can we bring in outside caterers?

Yes. We have a limited kitchen, with minimal refrigeration and one oven for baking or warming, as well as a restaurant grade sink.

What is the seating capacity?

As of now, we have seating for approximately 70 people. This is a combination of bar stools and chairs. We have eight 5' tables. We plan on adding an outdoor patio to expand our capacity.

When can we come in to start setting up for the party?

You may only come in during your rented time. If you think you need more time, we can negotiate a price for the necessary time needed.

What is the rental fee?

We charge $75 per hour as well as a deposit of 50% of the rental fee. We require the deposit at least 30 days prior to the event and the total fee a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.

What is you decorating policy?

We do not allow anything glued, taped, stapled, pinned or affixed to the walls or ceilings. We have eight tables that you may arrange and decorate as you wish.

Where are you located?

We are located downtown West Liberty in the rear (north side) of 115 E. 3rd Street. It is an alley entrance. Suggested parking would be on Spencer or Calhoun Street.

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